Welcome to our new website.

This new site is designed to embrace scouting in the 21st century. What happens week in and week out at the 28th is incredible, and we hope that this new site will really help to show off the awesome fun, challenge and adventures that we have.

The site is in it’s beta phase meaning that it’s still in development, and you will see changes to the look & content of each page as we continue to make improvements.

We’d love to hear your feedback. The site is for you – our members, parents, volunteers & potential joiners. There’s a blue feedback button on the right of your screen, please let us know what you think. Responses can be anonymous or you can leave your email if you’d like a response to your feedback.

We want this site to contain all the relevant information that parents & members of the public could need, but also serve as a useful resource to bring the digital tools that volunteers need together. There are pages for each of our sections, an online joining form & volunteer enquiry form, details about us, our events, news & a protected area for volunteer information and tools.

Priority for mobile viewing
More than half of web traffic is now done on mobile devices. This site should be easy to use on all mobile devices & users should be able to achieve everything (such as applying to join/ volunteer, find information, etc) just as easily on their phone as a laptop.

Pictures paint a thousand words
This site uses images that volunteers have taken showing our members being adventurous, having fun, and developing skills for life. We hope to keep taking energetic images that represent our values & update our website to keep the images we use up-to-date.

Telling a story
We’ll make more of an effort to use the blog functionality of our website & will try to feature articles written by our members and supporters.

Scouting for talent
Most importantly, the website is designed to give a warm and friendly welcome to our group, and encourage adults to join our adventures as a volunteer. There’s a role at our group for everyone and we hope the new look and feel of our site will encourage parents & others to come and give it a go.
We hope that being more aligned with the Scouts branding, and using their inspiring tone of voice, will also help to draw new volunteers to join us.
The large featured image & text on our home page will be updated regularly throughout the year to showcase different events or campaigns – such as advertising for jumble sale or recruiting adults.

The site is built using wordpress, just the same as our previous site, so we hope that with updated tutorials, all of our team will be able to write a blog post or update information if they wish.
The site is still in development. If you have digital skills or would like to get involved with the project, please get in touch.

Thanks goes to Mersey Weaver Scouts for use of their ‘SkillsForLife’ wordpress theme.