Over the weekend of 2nd – 4th June, over 110 young people and 30 volunteers from across the group came together for a weekend of brilliant weather, adventurous activities, and exciting challenges.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our awesome volunteers who made the weekend possible – whether it was your 1st or 100th weekend given up for scouting, it was your energy and get-stuck-in spirit that made all the difference.

Thank you also to everyone in our community who has supported recent fundraising events such as our annual Jumble Sale, making it possible for us to substantially subsidise the cost of the weekend for young people, and ensure no cost was passed on to our volunteers.

We hope this blog gives you a flavour of the adventures we had.
If it sounds like the sort of thing you’d love to get involved with, why not get in touch?
We’re looking to expand our team of volunteers who are up for getting muddy, learning new skills, or even supporting us behind the scenes.
Sound good? Let us know.

Friday: Cubs, Scouts, Explorers arrive at camp!

On Friday evening, our Cubs, Scouts, and Explorers eagerly arrived at Bonaly and immediately sprang into action: pitching tents, unfurling sleeping bags, and preparing for the first wide game of the camp.

Wide games are a cherished tradition at the 28th Scout Camp, typically played across a vast field, with teams tasked to retrieve barrels and safeguard them in their base until the end of the game. This year’s wide game revolved around a high-speed intergalactic race that had gone awry, resulting in a crash landing at Bonaly! You can immerse yourself in the complete, Star Wars-inspired story by clicking here.

Following a successful wide game and supper, it was time for the campfire. Donald (Explorer Leader) skillfully led both Friday’s and Saturday’s campfires, ensuring everyone’s active participation in beloved campfire classics such as “The Barrowland,” “The Jeely Piece Song,” and “The Wild Rover”.

Saturday: A busy day on and off site

Both Saturday and Sunday demanded an early rise for everyone, with lots to pack in to the day.

The Cubs embarked on a hike into Bonaly Country Park, taking in vistas of Edinburgh before reaching the reservoir. After a swift return to the campsite for a quick lunch, they eagerly set off once again, this time for a session of paddle sports on the water.

Meanwhile, the Scouts ventured to the marina in the morning for RIB trips under the bridges, exploring Inchcolm Island. Following lunch by the shore, they hopped on a bus to tackle Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh! On their way back to the site, the Scouts made a detour through Colinton to admire the local artwork before rejoining the rest of the group for the evening programme.

The Explorers were also up early, hopping on a bus into town for adventures including axe throwing, an escape room challenge, and a visit to Edinburgh Dungeons.

And, of course, while the older sections were out and about, it was all hands on deck for the arrival of our Beavers at Bonaly! Without wasting a moment, the enthusiastic Beavers set up their dormitories, explored the site, and enjoyed lunch. They then split into groups to partake in a range of engaging activities, including archery, a nature hike, mini-beast hunting, fire lighting, grass sledging, and burn dipping.

Once everyone was back together on site, a delicious outdoor dinner of burgers and sausages awaited, providing a well-deserved feast after a scorching and eventful day.

The evening’s wide game was titled “Trading Post,” where teams (with members of all ages) engaged in the art of buying and selling materials and skills from various shops around the campsite. The objective was to generate the largest profit to fund all the expenses associated with space travel.

Following a frenzied round of transactions, it was time for supper, followed by gathering around the campfire once more. Classics at the Saturday campfire included “Ging Gang Goolie”, “Boom-a-chick-a-boom”, and “Sunshine Mountain”. At the campfire we also celebrated Finlay and Saif’s birthdays, as well as the awarding of Wood Badges to Hetty and Sheila for completing their volunteer training.

Sunday: Challenges, badges, and buses home

After breakfast and a spot of cleaning up on Sunday morning, teams from the previous night’s “trading post” widegame regrouped to compete in a series of cosmic challenges.

The teamwork-oriented bases consisted of:

  • Alien web espcae (navigating a maze without touching the ropes)
  • Space fuel transfer (water relay race)
  • Comms down navigation (teams agreed on sounds that corresponded to directions before being blindfolded and led by one team member)
  • Aerodynamics testing (throwing as many rockets and bean bags into hoops of different distances)
  • Nuclear rods (removing an item from a large circle without entering)
  • Stellar sketched (pictionary)

After morning bases, everyone gathered together one last time for the closing ceremony where a number of badges were awarded across the group.

Following lunch, it was then a team effort to packup the site, and get ready for the journey home.

The weekend was a tremendous success and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our volunteers who gave up their weekend and got stuck in to a very busy camp, making this experience possible.

We’d also like to give special recognition to our exceptional Explorers, who embraced the opportunity to lend a helping hand to the younger sections. This support was much appreciated and commented on by many of our volunteer team.