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Celebrating 110 years

The story of the 28th

From 1912 to 2022

Four and a half years after Baden-Powell’s first experimental Scout Camp on Brownsea Island, a “meeting of gentlemen interested in the Boy Scout Movement” was held on Friday, 8 February 1912 in the Lesser Hall of Giffnock U F Church. The minutes of that meeting record that: “the opinion of the meeting was that an effort should be made to start a Giffnock Troop”.
Those efforts were of course successful.

A Troop was formed in 1912, a Cub Pack was added a few years later and the Group has grown over the years to a point where it now has around 200 uniformed members including adult leaders.

*Summary of group history; the scout hall, creation of Beavers, notable trips, any awards, birth of peter ritchie etc*

100 years timeline

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