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Why is the jumble sale important?

The annual subscriptions (which are about half the level of the subscriptions charged by most other Scout Groups in the area) are kept so low because they do not include any contribution towards the upkeep of the Scout Hall. The subscription covers the per-capita membership fee (£41) that we need to pass on to Scout Headquarters and the balance is retained by the section (eg Beavers, Cubs, etc) to pay for badges, craft materials and other items used at the weekly meetings.

We rely on fundraising (principally the annual Jumble Sale) to raise the funds necessary to pay for the running and maintenance of the Scout Hall and the purchase of group camping and activities equipment. That costs about £17,000 (or about £90 per head) in an average year. We look forward to running a Jumble Sale this session and will be looking to every family in the Group to assist with it ie with helping to collect and sort jumble in the week leading up to the sale and helping to run stalls on the day of the sale. Further information about this will be issued over the summer.