Make an impact that suits your skills, interests, and availability.
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Help out with our sections

Volunteering’s not just about giving – it goes both ways. It improves your wellbeing, gives you skills for the future, and helps you make new friends (and memories).

We rely on volunteers like you playing their part to give young people the opportunities they need. All our activities are run by volunteers, many of which are parents themselves, and often have no prior experience of Scouting.

Try the four week challenge

Volunteer for just four weeks and be amazed at the difference you’ll make. Try-before-you-buy by helping us for a short period of time.
Interested? Let us know.

W1 – See what we get up to
W2 – Start to help out
W3 – Get a little more involved
W4 – You’ll know if Scouting is for you.

We offer first-class training and support.

We know that Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of our volunteers. To support Scout volunteers, we provide award winning training, consisting of core, role specific, and ongoing learning opportunities.